Valutazione Ambientale Strategica Variante SUAP (Carimate)

Valutazione Ambientale Strategica Variante SUAP (Carimate)2017-12-12T15:59:25+00:00

Project Description

The project for redevelopment of the Cascina Bindellera takes on a territorial role of great importance in the parallel path followed by the town’s Territorial Management Plan. The farmhouse is located in the protected area of the South Milan Agricultural Park, barycentric between the hamlet of Sant’Agata and the main territory of Cassina. It thus occupies a position of particular importance if the void of the agricultural system is regarded as the true centre of the municipal territory. In the absence of a real, consolidated historical centre, with only a few areas around the town hall and the station regarded as central, and with the particular division between Cassina and the Sant’Agata, the farmhouse can become the new green centre of the town.

The project thus reinterprets the remnants, takes advantage of their form, and provides for restoration of the structures and open spaces with some additions capable of reconstructing the compactness of the overall volume and the integrity of the area’s shape. The farmhouse is earmarked to accommodate functions of public interest and events for the local inhabitants.

The restoration project adopts the vocabulary of the traditional farmhouse while adding crisp, solid, neutral volumes so as to maintain a clear distinction between existing and new structures. The external space is designed to accommodate many functions of a public character and above all in connection with plans for a greenway to connect the town and the hamlet.Study of the architectural characteristics of farmhouses makes it possible to develop a project adopting the correct designs and materials in full compliance with the regulations of the Agricultural Park.

The tool used is the master plan, which anticipates the provisions the Territorial Management Plan, tests the strength of the desire for transformation, and visualizes its effects through a concrete project. The master plan thus contributes to definition of the town’s areas of transformation, works together with the Territorial Management Plan in order to understand its strategies and visualize the results, and stimulates the qualitative redevelopment of the town’s places of primary interest.