The Blossom Avenue Management is a consulting firm established in 2014 by Marco Facchinetti and Marco Dellavalle.

  • The Blossom Avenue Management born from the merger of two existing companies, FDA International (Milan) and F&D Project (New York), which have been dealing with architectural and urban projects in Italy, United States, Eastern Europe and North Africa since 2005.
  • It offers services to Public Administration and Private Operators, ensuring effectiveness and efficiency to the action of local government, through technical support services, consultancy and training in construction, public works, urban architecture, landscape and environment.

  • Constantly focuses on the latest trends to respond adequately to the market needs, it always looking for new developments and opportunities that best suit its urban principles, aesthetic and narrative values. The aim is supporting better spaces for a better human life, as it is the environment that involves the quality of life of people, at all levels, from the home to the town square.
  • In 2017, the two partners founded their own real estate investment fund, in order to include urban regeneration projects able to define strong social impact to their surroundings. The fund is active and takes care of the enhancement of transformation areas in Italy and abroad, able to regenerate and produce value for consolidated urban areas.
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